Ceramic Anilox Roll

Murata Boring Giken (Shanghai) Company Limited (Murata Boring Shanghai), a fully owned subsidiary of Murata Boring Technology Research Company Limited (Murata Boring Japan), is a leading manufacturer and developer in surface coating and thermal spraying processes.
The history of Murata Boring Japan was established in Shizuoka Japan in 1950’s. For over 60 years, it provided best service and products in surface coating. In 2004, Murata Boring Shanghai was founded in Shanghai China, to meet the demands of its growing market in Asia.
Over the years, Murata Boring Shanghai has expanded the surface coating and thermal spraying processes-related businesses worldwide. These include Ceramic Anilox, Ceramic Mirror Finish Roller, Satin Finish Roller, Doctor Blade Chamber, Ceramic Anti-sticking Coating, Hard Sealed Ball Valve, PLASMA, HVOF etc. Its main products of Ceramic Anilox series are widely used in Flexo, Gravure, Coating and Lamination machine.
By fully leveraging Murata Boring’s advantages in technology, Murata Boring Shanghai strives to uphold a high professional standard and customer-oriented approach. Aiming at providing high-quality products to customers, Murata Boring Shanghai has been guided by the principle of achieving a win-win situation through concerted efforts.
Product Characteristic
Adopting the YAG laser engraving technique and thanks to its multi-pulse application, the cells are characterized of chiseled shape, smooth cell wall and significant improvement of ink release function, which can meet the high-precise and flexible printing requirements, and is easy to clean. It also features an excellent performance such as abrasion and erosion resistance, stable print quality, long effective lifetime, low composite cost with the first-rate quality in the world.
Product Parameters:
Screen Scope: 20-1800LPI
Diameter Range: 40-600mm
Maximum Width: 5000mm
Cell Shape:             60°Hexagon; 30°Hexagon; 45°Diamond; 45°Helix
Wide Flexo Press
Narrow and Label Flexo Press
Corrugated Paper Printing Machine
Convert and Lamination
UV Coating

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