manufacturing products series classification are based on production speed and paper width:

HH-C200 (180M/min,fit for the paper width under2500mm)
HH-C250 (230M/min,fit for the paper width under2500mm)
HH-C300 (270M/min,fit for the paper width under2500mm)

The main units including:

          Mill Roll Stand, Single Facer, Glue Machine, Double Backer, Slitter Scorer, NC Cut-off, Automatic Downstacker. Auto Splicers……and so on, the whole complete plant production line to fit customer′s demands. Besides the above mentioned, in order to have an efficient production control for customers, we provides a computerized production control system and concerning accessories.
          The system on Single Facer, NC Cut-off, Glue machines and Downstackers displays and records their production performance and proceeds automatic order change etc. The multilateral functions offer customers an integrated system to manufacture the board with efficiency and higher profit.

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